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  Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   weird stuff!!!
Date:   2003-05-14 06:41:59
From:   anonymous2
I have today installed and configured apache, php, shtml, phpmyadmin, mysql, tomcat and everything was working like a charm (I thought). I made accounts and set it up so that only I and a friend of mine could log in on our sites and edit them and stuff....he got his own account and I had mine....well...ofcourse for a real newbie as I am I was jumping in the air and waving my hands and I was telling everybody how great I am (newbie stuff....).
Ofcourse....this didn't take a long time...I restarted again the apache server for the last time just to see if everything would still work (and they all really did before!) and I just wanted to restart my computer also....and now the socket thing of the mysql is wrong in some way.
I pico'ed the error file in the mysql/data and as expected there was something wrong with the port number.....OR I had 2 mysql's running sort of.
Now I found that in my /usr/local/ there is a mysql but also in the /Library/MySQL....what is this last one? How did it get there? I'm kindof sure that I didn't put it there...could that be the problem?
Hope someone can help...or maybe I could just change the port of the mysql database....but how?
I know most people would say....just remove everything and try again....but I can't I also have my normal work that I gotta do so I'm doing this in every second that I have some spare time...and to remove everything...well...then it would be safer to format my computer and install a fresh OS again...I guess....
Long story...sorry....help me!


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  • weird stuff!!!
    2003-06-13 06:52:36  anonymous2 [View]

    never mind...I was running 2 mysql servers on my computer (had some probs installing the first one)...so that was the cause.

    guess I don't have to thank anybody this time =)
    • weird stuff!!!
      2005-01-09 08:13:12  frustrated [View]

      I am having mysql install issues listed below
      1. does not autostart with startup item package
      2. After manual start, can only open database once as if mysql daemon is not running after one try.
      3. I can not see mysql daemon running in darwin shell with PS command ?????

      Something must be wrong with my mysql installation or my version of mysql.