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Subject:   Namespaces in PHP5
Date:   2003-05-13 04:23:52
From:   wjgilmore
Interesting article. Just an FYI that PHP namespaces will be made available in version 5. Hooray!


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  • Namespaces in PHP5
    2003-05-14 01:42:34  anonymous2 [View]

    Who cares. PHP is for retards anyhow. Perl is way superior.
  • Namespaces in PHP5
    2003-05-13 15:28:51  anonymous2 [View]

    That's just like mentioning features that are going to be in Perl6. It really doesn't matter as you don't have it right now!
    • Namespaces in PHP5
      2003-05-13 17:03:50  anonymous2 [View]

      Ya, So true.

      I hear MySQL is going to have stored procedures, sub selects, and views too...
      • Namespaces in PHP5
        2003-05-13 22:25:39  anonymous2 [View]

        Re: PHP. You can build a cvs with their boasted new features right now.... Mysql has been promising that crap for what? 2 years?
        If you use mysql, check your head and get postgres anyways.
      • Namespaces in PHP5
        2003-05-13 17:49:55  anonymous2 [View]

        I hear they gonna support clearcase reports too.