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Hack:   The NoCat Night Light
Subject:   Compact fluorescents don't like enclosed spaces!
Date:   2003-05-10 23:54:08
From:   anonymous2
I think that if you operate that with the tupperware cover on, the electronics on the compact fluorescent light will fry themselves. They don't generate much heat, but it is still 25% of what an incandescent with equivalent brightness generates!

Also, all that heat probably wouldn't be good for the AP.

Operating it without the cover on it should be fine.

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  • Compact fluorescents don't like enclosed spaces!
    2003-05-13 17:16:20  mike3k [View]

    That's true, as I discovered when I put one of them in a covered ceiling light and had it burn out in a few days.
  • Compact fluorescents don't like enclosed spaces!
    2003-05-12 19:08:12  anonymous2 [View]

    Good point re: heat generation. Thankfully, since most of the heat is generated in the ballast unit, then housing the ballast outside the light/AP container would solve the problem. The ballast portion of the housing could also be semi-covered, with slats for ventilation. Vague schematic (best viewed in Times New Roman, 12 pt.):

    The package, with the two-level housing:

    | -#- } |
    | % [] |
    | % [] |

    Compact fluorescent light is this assembly:

    AP is this assembly:

    The # represents a light screwtype connector (sorry -- don't know the technical name)

    The curly brackets ( {} ) represent the wire from the AP to the main screwtype connector.


    -- tw
    • Diagramming problems ...
      2003-05-12 19:11:08  anonymous2 [View]

      Oops. Apparently, the bbs software eliminates nbsps, so the diagram doesn't quite line up the way it's supposed to. Mi apologia. Hope there's enough there to make my intent apparent ...

      -- tw

Showing messages 1 through 3 of 3.