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Subject:   Community Building
Date:   2003-05-08 20:32:56
From:   stupidfish23
Response to: Community Building

okay, that anonymus poster was me, just forgot to log in before posting :)
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  • Community Building
    2003-05-09 07:03:43  anonymous2 [View]

    Any possibility of a forums? It's the ideal community-building tool....would have to see how good the signal to noise ratio would be.

    Something like InvisionBoard....
    • Derrick Story photo Community Building -- Forums, a thought...
      2003-05-09 14:23:30  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Well, a Mac forum are definitely a possibility. We have the machinery already built, and I'm willing to moderate to make sure it stays useful for all.

      I've shied away previously because I felt there were so many others on the Web that it wouldn't be a big deal here. We have the TalkBacks. Is it time for a forum?
      • Community Building -- Forums, a thought...
        2003-05-28 12:07:06  markstewart [View]

        A forum would be ideal.


        Cocoa/Objective C
        Darwin/Unix on Mac

        For example I'm a longtime Mac owner (128k Mac) who noodled with everything from Think Pascal and HyperCard to making a living with Macromedia Director to now just using Mac OS X at home. I'd love to get into MIDI/Core Audio and Objective C but really need to have somewhere to go with like minded people and subject matter experts.

        And while I've got your attention- WE NEED AN APPLESCRIPT STUDIO BOOK. Thank you... sorry for raising my voice... I assume you're waiting on some upgrade from Apple.

        Mark Stewart
        • Community Building -- Forums, a thought...
          2006-04-29 01:15:56  montega [View]

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