What's New in Windows Server 2003
Subject:   HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
Date:   2003-05-07 11:29:03
From:   anonymous2
The whole hoopla with embedding Internet Explorer into Windows is being repeated here. The way it is now, even if you want to use a non-IE web browser, you still incur the cost of Internet Explorer being in the system.

So, now they're saying the same thing about web servers. Even if you want to use Apache or something else, you still incur the cost of Microsoft's web server being embedded in the operating system.

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  • HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
    2003-05-08 10:31:25  tpherndon [View]

    To which cost are you referring? The actual amount you pay shouldn't be affected by this move, as IIS has been bundled with MS' server OSes for quite a while. If you refer to the cost in resources, I wonder if someone who has hands-on experience with Windows Server 2003 could tell us whether kernel-mode HTTP can be turned off?

    If so, then there is no cost. Turn it off, use Apache, and there you are. If not, use the Resource Manager to starve http.sys, and use Apache anyway, resulting in (hopefully) little impact.

    Of course, you could just run Apache on (Linux|FreeBSD|OpenBSD|UNIX flavor) and be done with it. You'll wind up with better performance of Apache on the POSIX platform, anyway. And, with Linux, you could also use kernel-level HTTP if you really wanted.
    • HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
      2003-10-30 20:32:24  anonymous2 [View]

      When installing W2k3, nothing is enabled unless you specifically instruct the installation to do so. Therefore, if you don't want IIS, don't turn it on. If you're so concerned that it's going to eat up the resources in your little server, perhaps you should whack the box, install linux and run apache on that.