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  What's New in Windows Server 2003
Subject:   Re:What's New in Windows Server 2003
Date:   2003-05-07 06:46:55
From:   anonymous2
I Prefer my Slackware 9 running apache, openldap and other of the services of linux (-$) itīs free, fast and best..


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  • I need Difference between OS 2003 Server and OS 2008 Server
    2008-04-03 00:04:18  anandselva [View]

    Hi every body.I need Difference between OS 2003 Server and OS 2008 Server.can u plz send the information to my mail id.
    I've Completed OS 2003 Server.Now I'm working as System Admin.I want to Update.U plz ask Ur friends and mail to me.
    Kindly looking for ur mail.

    My Answer for Ur Question

    There is lot of Difference and Benefits in OS 2003 Server.

    1 We can Change the Domain Name.
    2 More Security.
    3 Password Complexity.
    4 IIS 6.0 in 2K3 and IIS 5.0 in 2K.
    5 ShadowCopy is more Security.
    6 When we Creating the User we want to give 2 Rights in 2K3,But in 2K there Rights.

    Thanks and Regards
    Anandraj Selvaraj
    STC Third Eye
    • I need Difference between OS 2003 Server and OS 2008 Server
      2008-05-19 04:21:20  Kamle [View]

      Dear Anandraj.I want to introduce himself I am kamlesh choubey.I am working in OMD (www.omd.com)as a system administrator.I have just registered in O'reillynet.I have read your comments for defference between 2000 and 2003 that's is good but can u let me know how can you change the DOmain name in 2003 without uninstall the Dc.