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Weblog:   OpenOffice.org Saves my Day, Again
Subject:   openoffice
Date:   2003-05-04 06:20:12
From:   gennick
Response to: openoffice

I ask myself that question sometimes. There are some reasons I still use Word, and it'd be worth thinking those through systematically. Look for another weblog entry on this topic, later in the week.
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  • openoffice
    2003-05-05 00:17:34  jwenting [View]

    Several reasons, some good some less so:
    1) you have it already and it works for you so why change to something you have to learn all over again?
    2) corporate policy. Many (most?) companies, especially large ones, don't want to use any product if there's no company behind it that can provide support (or if push comes to shove be sued for damages).
    3) many people have never heard of Open Office or tried it at a time it was very poor and gave up on it (I was disappointed when I tried it, couldn't compare to MS Office which I have on a company license...).
    4) distrust of open source. Too many OS projects go wrong or are so full of bugs as to be useless.

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