Hack:   Turning Your Mac into a Hard Drive
Subject:   Define Hack
Date:   2003-05-02 14:10:45
From:   anonymous2
Target disk mode is what I would consider a "hack" as it is a normal function of firewire-based Macs. The information on doing this is even in the manuals that come with the Macs.

In fact many of the so called hacks listed for this book are more accurately labelled hints or tips, not hacks. While the book's title indicates that there are tips and tricks listing everything as a hack is doing a disservice to hacks.

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  • Define Hack
    2003-08-21 10:36:43  cdevers [View]

    These things are being called "hacks" in the tradition of the older _Unix Power Tools_ and _X Power Tools_ books, which first introduced the visual & writing style that the current run of Hacks books are now using.

    While much of the material in those books was novel & creative, at the same time a lot of those hints were, as you say, available in the system documentation, such as the big printed Sun manual (you know, the one that was four feet long on a special metal rack). The original "Power Tools" books distilled that mix of new & old information down to one pragmatic, easily accessible, and nicely cross-referenced book.

    I'm not sure I see what the harm is in calling material like this a "hack". *shrug*
  • Define Hack
    2003-05-14 11:21:45  anonymous2 [View]

    Yeah, but it's sexy, just like you are when you contract your anus tightly around a twig and wag it.
    • Define Hack
      2003-11-01 20:32:37  freebsd45 [View]

      You're sick.

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