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  Apple Brings Good Karma to Online Music
Subject:   AAC Streaming
Date:   2003-04-30 05:44:28
From:   TomSawyer
Has anyone run into problems sharing their purchased AAC encoded songs? An office mate and I were playing with the new iTunes 4 features yesterday. I could connect to his library via rendezvous and listen to his MP3s but his purchased music was requesting that I authorize my computer.

Unless I'm missing something this runs contrary to the demo where Steve had his son and his son's pal come on stage with their 12" PowerBooks.

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  • Derrick Story photo AAC Streaming - Not From "Purchased Music"
    2003-04-30 08:47:11  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Mac Rumors has posted a good article about Apple's DRM model. Here's a slice from that article that addresses your question:

    "If you're listening to a shared library or playlist, iTunes skips any purchased music in the list (if the computer is not authorized to play the music). To listen to a purchased song in a shared library or playlist, you need to double-click the song. If your computer is not authorized to play songs purchased by the person who is sharing the song, you'll need to enter that person's Apple Account ID and password to hear the song."

    And there's an associated Tech Note that covers this too.