Apple Brings Good Karma to Online Music
Subject:   iTunes4, music store
Date:   2003-04-29 11:39:14
From:   anonymous2
contrary to many, 99 cents/song is NOT cheap. norah jones' "come away with me" is $13.98 for the album, but it's selling at most stores for about 11 bucks these days. but what the music store does offer is a truly unique buying EXPERIENCE. it's willy wonka's factory (sans oompah loompahs) for the audiophile - beautiful, colorful, and even a bit dangerous (i HAD to give it a try so i downloaded a cranberries album!). i'm not sure how successful it will be in the long run, which is what industry analysts measure. i hope it will be successful, but we'll wait and see.
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  • iTunes4, music store
    2003-05-07 20:00:39  anonymous2 [View]

    Cutting thru all this HYPE. I'm new to the on-line music thing and I hope this will be successful to. But the m4p aac is not compatable with mp3 players. I just spent $2,500 for the newest Alpine car head end with DVD/CD/MP3. I can't play music I paid for in my car player. It won't burn in mp3 format. If I burn it in data cd format, the mp3 player ignors it. I suspect this is an attempt to increase sales for iPod. What are we all going to do, sit in front of the computer or hang a iPod on the belt to enjoy this music? I think in order this service to survive, mp3 format will need to be made available for purchase.
  • iTunes4, music store
    2003-04-29 12:15:51  anonymous2 [View]

    99 cents is cheaper than buying a whole cd for two songs. I purchased two albums (Jane's Addiction and Jimmy Buffet) for 9.99 each and another single track that wasn't available otherwise. I'd have paid 25- 30 easy for those two and I couldn't get the single by itself if I wanted to. I'll pay a buck to own just the songs I want.