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Subject:   OggVorbis.component placement in /System/Library/QuickTime ?!?!
Date:   2003-04-29 03:00:27
From:   anonymous2
In the article you write:

If you have Ogg Vorbis files that you want to add to your DJ playlist, you can do so with a couple of minor adjustments. First, I recommend that you download the OggVorbis.component from the QuickTime Components Project. I've tested this component with QT 6.1.1, and it works great. Add the component to your QuickTime Library (System/Library/QuickTime), then launch the QT Player. ...

Isn't the /System/Library for Apple's OS use? I believe non-OS items are best managed by Apple (ie. the OS Software Update tool) and the user/owner when placed in either the /Library or /Users/<username>/Library, depending on system-wide vs. user-specific scope. All three 'library' folders/directories are different, and are intended to serve different purposes.

This is not a matter of having the Ogg Vorbis component work or not. Its a matter of creating potential future problems by providing poor advice, or NOT.

Someone in-the-know should straighten this out.

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  • Derrick Story photo OggVorbis.component --Lighten Up
    2003-04-29 13:11:58  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    First of all, your cranky attitude is counter productive.

    Second, you can't use Software Update for the Ogg Vorbis component.

    Third, I have had no problems using the install as described in the article. And I use QuickTime extensively in my work.

    • OggVorbis.component --Lighten Up
      2003-05-07 16:59:38  tychay [View]

      While the tone is incorrect, the poster does have a point. "/System" is copy-protected for a reason and a future update from Apple may freely "smash" /System/Library/QuickTime during an upgrade, etc. and it is bad mojo for people to be messing around with the /System.

      If /Library/QuickTime works just as well, maybe you should use that (QuicktTime already downloads a lot of components to there already). I noticed some applications don't obey the hierarchy and may not load the components, so it may not work. If you try, what was the verdict Derrick? (I don't have any Ogg files to test myself.)

      Another note is that the poster forgot to mention "/Network/Library" is also in the hierarchy.

      Take care,