Unfinished Business: The One Missing Piece
Subject:   Novell and Open Source
Date:   2003-04-28 22:19:47
From:   GerardM
The NDS product from Novell is the one to aim for not that bastard of standards called M\AD. NDS has better functionality and it does better conform to standards.

When you produce an innovative use of NDS, you can get a license from Novell to use NDS for many users in your product. This does not exclude OS products !

Novell has a tradition helping Open Source projects like OpenLDAP and it is currently hosting projects. They contributed crucial technology to kick-start things and they provide software and open standards to the community.

IBM's directory server 4.1 is available at no cost.
OpenLDAP is since 20030410 available in the stable 2.1.17 version.

Conclusion, the functionality in the article refers to is needed and to some extend available, but AD is not the role model here, NDS is.


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  • Novell and Open Source
    2003-05-05 16:43:22  anonymous2 [View]

    Make that IBM Directory Server 5.1 :)
    Downloading right now. Thanks for the tip. Hope Novell has an eval but if this ids or Novell's are any good, stronge chance that w'll initiate the move to Linux and exit one convicted M$ and their tax :)