Weblog:   Orlowski Slams O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Subject:   Parent post has a really good point!
Date:   2003-04-23 22:19:39
From:   anonymous2
Response to: O'Reilly Conference Exclusion

I would just like to let my voice be heard as saying: I agree with this post 100%. These conferences do tend to exclude based on commerce & locale way more than they do based on politics. The problem is when commerce quickly and easily translates to politics.
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  • Parent post has a really good point! Maybe
    2003-04-24 00:25:56  sarsat [View]

    So what are the options? You cut down on price and O'Reillys have to cut down on content. If the content is poor will you still want to go even though its 100 bucks cheaper? O'Reillys isn't a charity. It supplies a service that people want, at a price enough people can afford, so that O'Reillys make enough profit to make them want to put on the next.
    If you are college students and there are enough of you at your college interested, why not invite the keynotes to come to your college? Most, I think would be flattered.(BTW, I don't work for O'Reillys, just being realistic)
    • Scholarships?
      2003-04-24 08:44:08  Medievalist [View]

      I'm a student, and very appreciative of the student discount.

      I also understand the need for O'Reilly to make a profit, or, since I suspect that conferences don't really generate direct profit (trust me, I know how much conferences cost), not lose too much money so we can keep relying on O'Reilly's books, site, and conferences for good information.

      What about offering a limited number of scholarships to people who qualify in terms of being a student, IT worker, or instructor ? The scholarships would admit the awardee to the entire conference, but not cover anything else.

      Apple's World Wide Develper Conference has has a scholarship program for students enrolled in the Apple developer student program for some years. The fee for student memberships to the developer program is much reduced, and student members can apply for a WWDC a scholarship to WWDC by responding to some well chosen questions and providing proof of full time student status.

      I've gone twice to WWDC on a student scholarship, and it was not only well worth my time, it benefitted my colleagues and, I think, Apple.

      O'Reilly could offer scholarships to part time instructors, or staff, which would make it easier for them to attend and would in effect make them ambassadors about the value of the conference, perhaps making it more likely that their instutions would sponsor them in the future. It would also be another way for O'Reilly to give back to the community, something O'Reilly is known for.

      I am teaching now, and thus couldn't go to the Emerging Tech conference, I'm already planning on how I might be able to make it to the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference. I'm grateful for the student discount O'Reilly often offers, but I'd be even happier to have a scholarship. I'd even blog the conference <g>.

      • Scholarships?
        2003-04-24 08:50:08  sarsat [View]

        What a nice idea, and how about sponsored places from some of the supporting companys, ActiveState and Apple spring to mind. Great PR for them and like you say, good for the community. I like that

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