Weblog:   Orlowski Slams O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Subject:   Blog Mafia?
Date:   2003-04-23 15:24:37
From:   anonymous2
Hmmmm. I am wondering if this issue has anything to do with the fact that of the 59 bloggers listed on O'Reilly Developer Weblogs, only ONE is female. Tunnel vision??
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  • Blog Mafia?
    2003-04-27 07:31:12  anonymous2 [View]

    This is true, and problematic, though I can't imagine it's maliciously intended - I would guess it's something O'Reilly is aware of and trying to address. Maybe the question is how we can help bring talented female techies/bloggers to O'Reilly's attention?

    Of course, Orlowski isn't helping any: "and wife" is a talented and brilliant woman in her own right, despite his dismissive description.
  • Blog Mafia?
    2003-04-24 18:38:00  anonymous2 [View]

    as one attending the conference, it is very white and very male in demographics. one of the very few women there commented on it to me when I asked if she had seen anything interesting that day.

    on the price issue. O'Reilly is at best breaking even on this conference and possibly even losing money on it if the event is treated as a stand alone profit/lose event.
  • Blog Mafia?
    2003-04-24 08:48:35  Medievalist [View]

    First of all, there really aren't that many female technical bloggers.

    Secondly, as a woman, a blogger, and a technical worker, I would rather sex, race, religion, politics, etc. not be considered.

    I want good information. I don't care if it's provided by a monkey, as long as it's accurate and well written.

    Rather than whining, anonymously, why not suggest some appropriate additions?
  • Tim O'Reilly photo Blog Mafia?
    2003-04-23 19:26:50  Tim O'Reilly | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Another great troll, this one trying to bring up Shelley Powers' critique of Clay's "social software summit." Someone's having a good time trying to stir the pot here.

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