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  ASP.NET Data Controls Part 3: DataList
Subject:   ASP.Net DataList control
Date:   2003-04-21 12:45:43
From:   anonymous2
I have taken your example and made some minor modifications to work with data I have. Two problems seem to arise.

First, I have to click on either the edit or delete links twice in order for the text boxes to appear. Is this the way it is supposed to be? Shouldn't one click be sufficient?

Second, if I put the LoadData in a if(!IsPostBack) statement the textboxes either block out the data or appear at the end of the text? If I exclude this statement the data appears as in your example. That doesn't seem to be the behavior I would expect either.

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  • ASP.Net DataList control
    2004-12-27 11:08:16  shadc [View]

    did you ever find a solution to the two click problem?? I need to find a solution to this asap. any suggestions would be helpful.
    • ASP.Net DataList control
      2007-05-25 02:04:38  AVM [View]

      Give some details about use of sessions
  • ASP.Net DataList control
    2004-11-12 08:38:58  Ali33 [View]

    I have exactly the same problem. I have to click twice in order to see update text boxe and same problem with IsPostBack.
    Any solution?
    • ASP.Net DataList control
      2005-06-23 01:11:04  //Rutger_Smit [View]

      Don't forget to re-bind your data onto the grid in the Edit/Cance/Delete functions.
      • ASP.Net DataList control
        2006-02-23 06:10:38  estudios [View]

        un ejempo completo de un data list manipularlo con una base de datos si
      • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
        2005-08-10 02:59:45  dotnetloverboy [View]

        Friends pls tell me how to get that data from the server database and display it on the webpage using the c# - coding --- here the coding should be in the c# & asp.net Only....
        • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
          2006-05-10 04:14:40  sudhirsoft9 [View]

          ur trying to access data from server to datalist or another
          • ASP.Net DataList control using c#.net
            2007-06-12 03:31:06  garapati84 [View]

            im tryin to access data frm server to datalist using c#
            plz give me the details abt that.
    • ASP.Net DataList control
      2004-12-21 11:51:06  swarupkumar [View]

      I just want to give my high thanks to you for providing the article. It help me a lot in solving my problem.
      I haven't implement the edit template yet so,
      I will get back if i face any problem.


      swarup kumar