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Subject:   Preview Songs
Date:   2003-04-18 20:55:02
From:   anonymous2
I have used my TiBook and iPod to mix during events and it's great. I did research just using just my TiBook, but had one issue. I could never queue or preview songs while another song was playing. I am not a big DJ but in the past I used to mix with CD and/or Records. It was crucial that I hear the next song so I could cue it up at the right moment or listen to make sure it's the right song. So unless you can help me solve this problem the article is just ok.
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    2003-04-20 11:18:36  anonymous2 [View]

    you need a mixing board to preview/cue music.

    this is regardless of whether you use a pair of iPods or a vinyl/laptop/cd combo. if you've ever seen DJs at a club, they might use a monitor speaker to listen to the output and use a pair of headphones to preview a track and sync up the beats. you can find something like this at places like guitar center. you might even find a decent budget mixer/pre-amp at radio shack.

    there was an article in Wired a while back that featured NYC DJs that only use iPods at their raves.

    i don't know of any solution where output and preview is handled by software. then again, i'm no pro DJ but i know a few that are and i could probably ask them but they'll probably say the same thing.
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      2003-04-21 18:36:19  anonymous2 [View]

      Check out MegaSeg - it does what you are asking about, if you use a secondary outlut (I tried it with a Griffin iMic) and a pair of headphones. You can cue a song -- while you are palying another -- out of the same iTunes folder.