Handling Multiple Submits
Subject:   Poor Solution at Best
Date:   2003-04-17 07:49:54
From:   anonymous2
This solution may have been considered adequate in a trivial solutions sandbox back in the days of Servlet 2.0 - but, now-a-days there are much more robust, and much more adequate solutions. Using the pre-existence of a session as a handler is completely useless in a modern application (especially a model 2 application). What if this form submission needs information from previous form submissions? (A multiple page process).

This solution is entirely inadequate. Use a synchronizer token or something along those lines if you want to succeed.

It felt like this article was written in 1999, not 2003 - most of the information, although useful to new programmers, needs to be revised with focus on new environments. First comment on that? JSPS!!! Embedded HTML in a servlet? Not worth the time!

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  • Poor Solution at Best
    2003-04-24 00:08:03  anonymous2 [View]

    Then what could be the best solution in J2EE environment.
    It was mentioned that support is inbuilt in strtus too. However if someone presses back and resubmits : then how can I prevent them from Resubmit.
    Someone asked me this even in an interview :) I did not have a good solution. Someone Please suggest.
    • Poor Solution at Best
      2003-04-27 14:51:41  anonymous2 [View]

      the easiest is using Jakarta Struts.. checkout the following methods in the javadoc:


      this will be the answer to your prayers...