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  Using SOAP with Tomcat
Subject:   soap examples install
Date:   2003-04-09 23:06:48
From:   anonymous2
my soap env. is windows 2000,tomcat 4.1.7, soap 2,3.After I set up the soap env., I test soap server env. is ok. when I execute "java org.apache.soap.server.ServiceManagerClient
http://localhost:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter deployment DeploymeentDescriptor.xml" command in dos mode at "%soap_home%" directory,give me the error message like 'Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:org/apache/soap/server/ServiceManagerClient'.please help me.
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  • soap examples install
    2003-05-21 14:22:18  anonymous2 [View]

    Had the samething happen to me, i had to spell out the .jar files in my classpath e.g.

    CLASSPATH=/somdir/jarfile1.jar;/somedir/jarfile2.jar and so forth, would be nice if java were smart enough to just put a directory to the jar files, but alas... that would make it too easy :-)
    • soap examples install
      2003-05-31 00:12:28  anonymous2 [View]