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  Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Judging Process for the Mac OS X Innovators Contest
Subject:   top five -- I'm torn
Date:   2003-04-09 10:09:42
From:   derrick
Response to: top five

You know, I've really been wrestling with that issue myself. On one hand, I really want everyone to know, including the developers themsleves, who the finalists were.

On the other hand, there are still two more rounds. And everyone who didn't win can enter again, and possibly win a later round. I'd hate to screw up someone's chances for glory later on.

A solution might be, that after the third round, we post a list of honorable mentions. They would be those who made the final cut in any of the rounds, but did not win.

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  • top five -- I'm torn
    2003-04-09 11:14:13  anonymous2 [View]

    Is it only me or the rules of the contest rounds are not clear? Taking sport tournament as an analogy the winners of previous "round" go to the next round to determine the winner in final round. Or, as in boxing, the same guys are wrestling in each round gaining scores (unless there is a KO :-))
    Here, it seems that each round has different participants and winners of round 1 are prohibited to enter round 2. What these 3 rounds were created for? To determine 6 winners in total? And why a honorable mention in round 1 would disqualify entering the round 2?
    I would be grateful for a clarification.