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  Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   roaming with a 'book?
Date:   2003-04-07 23:51:01
From:   anonymous2
I've got sendmail running on my ibook, and it works great on my own domain. at work today i tested it and it seemed like it didn't work, though i attributed it tonight to a poor .cf file (my bad). i wonder if anyone knows how to set up sendmail to run regardless of what network it's on...the idea being its own MTA, so I can wander around without having to relay through another SMTP.

do you have to add _every_ network you're on, or will ever be on, to achieve this? or can one simply send mail through localhost without such heavy-handed editing?


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  • roaming with a 'book?
    2003-07-23 15:47:19  anonymous2 [View]

    no special magic should be needed, BUT...

    (1) if sendmail is getting the hostname for the ibook
    from someplace dynamic, like dhcp, weird things
    could well happen. you might want to hardcode the
    name into the sendmail.cf by using something like
    define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `laptop.domain.com')
    in the .mc file. (the .mc file is used to make the .cf file, as
    per the article).

    (2) the network where you have plugged in the ibook might
    not let just any box there send mail out. For some places,
    you'll probably have to use the ISP or corporate smarthost.
    Be aware that this also means that you could try to send
    some mail, not notice that it didn't go out, and then have it
    go out days later when you plug the laptop in someplace else.

    (3) make darned sure that the machine is emitting headers which can be replied to. not to do so is irresponsible and
    can cause other folks lots of hassles.

    you might want to have mail for laptop.domain.com received on a regular basis by some machine which does not move around to different networks, and which would then deliver/forward the mail someplace where you'll get it.