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  Top 12 Reasons to Write Unit Tests
Subject:   So, how do I wirte tests?
Date:   2003-04-07 09:32:15
From:   anonymous2
Do you have any reading suggestions or a starter on the subject?
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  • So, how do I wirte tests?
    2003-04-08 19:39:10  tw33t2 [View]

    A book I would recomend, sorry it's not O'Reilly, is Code Complete by Steve McConnell ($25 amazon). There is only chapter dedicated to unit testing, but the whole book is excellent about writing solid code.
  • So, how do I write tests?
    2003-04-07 20:35:54  Brian M. Coyner | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Our book, Java Extreme Programming Cookbook, provides an excellent start to learning numerous open source unit testing frameworks. Also included is how to integrate Ant and JUnit to create a continuous-integration development environment.

    Check out www.junit.org for information on JUnit extensions.