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  Apache Web Serving with Jaguar
Subject:   The php form page that kept disappearing...
Date:   2003-04-05 07:16:27
From:   anonymous2
I have just activated PHP on the Apache server on my iBook, but I have one slight problem.

I have a php-generated form page that works fine on my web-host's apache server, but only partly works on my machine.

When accessed initially, the page loads up and processes it's php content perfectly. But when you submit the form (which posts to itself), the browser reports a failure to load the page.

I have a few other php pages that are visible in directories viewed by the browser, but cannot be found when I attempt to actually view them in the browser.

Any thoughts, anyone?

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  • The php form page that kept disappearing...
    2003-04-06 23:38:44  anonymous2 [View]

    How bout checking to see if "Register Globals" is on?

    (use phpinfo()for that...)
  • Morbus Iff photo The php form page that kept disappearing...
    2003-04-05 09:05:38  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    What browser are you using?
    Are you browsing using
    Are you browsing using localhost?
    Are you browsing using your IP address?
    What's your error_log say after attempting a PHP page?
    Do normal .html pages display correctly?