What's New in Python 2.3?
Subject:   Already running the alpha.
Date:   2003-04-04 09:08:08
From:   anonymous2
I'm already primarily running the alpha version. The enumerate function is (somewhat surprisingly) the place I most stumble when trying to step back to 2.2.2.
I step back for two reasons. First, I can use a few
third party tools only on 2.2. If it were vital, I might be able to port those, but where's the need. Second, 2.2 is "Python in a Tie" and thus likely to last long enough that I'll try and keep many things 2.2 compatible.
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  • Alex Martelli photo Already running the alpha.
    2003-04-22 09:46:26  Alex Martelli | O'Reilly Author [View]

    > 2.2 is "Python in a Tie"

    Ah, that remains to be seen -- and I speak on a personal plane, but I'm also a board member of the Python Business Forum and I can confirm that no definitive decision has been taken about that. The level of compatibility of 2.3 with 2.2 has been outstanding, the optimizations are yummy (just today we added one other builtin -- the very simple sum(seq), which can sum a sequence of numbers twice as fast as a plain loop, three times as fast as the existing built-in reduce...), and simple new modules such as sets, timeit and datetime are particularly useful. When it comes to a vote, I'll definitely cast my own vote to make _2.3_ the basis of "Python in a Tie"...!