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  Camino and Safari Compared
Subject:   There Tabs in Safari
Date:   2003-03-29 00:21:10
From:   anonymous2
Response to: There Tabs in Safari

Tabs in Safari are NICE.

They look really well integrate into the browser, and show you their loading status as you look at other pages.

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  • There Tabs in Safari
    2003-03-29 10:09:54  vlb [View]

    Where and how are you getting tabs in Safari? The Public Beta release hasn't been updated since mid-February.
    • There Tabs in Safari
      2003-04-22 09:32:38  anonymous2 [View]

      Here is the link for download :


      Recommend reloading the page and checking out that the following sentence exists in the Whats new notes :

      What?s New in this Version
      Safari Public Beta 2 features tabbed browsing, autofill forms & passwords,...
    • There Tabs in Safari
      2003-04-22 09:30:35  anonymous2 [View]

      By default, the tabs option is turned off (I wonder why ?!! - I think more users would like to have the option on). Go to the "Preferences" option of Safari - you have an option for setting tab preferences there..