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  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   i dunno..
Date:   2003-03-26 13:26:36
From:   anonymous2
The first couple of examples don't seem that useful to me. By turning the white balance to cloudy, the picture seems to look worse since the colors aren't sharp and nothing is defined well. The other photo with polorizing thru sunglasses also tends to look worse to me.


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  • i dunno..
    2003-11-07 07:34:18  anonymous2 [View]

    I would agree that in the second photo with the cloudy wb setting the color went magenta. However, in different shots with different cameras, this may help a lot. In the second shot with the poloarizer, it also went magenta. Did you change the wb setting with this photo? It could be that the glasses weren't a neutral grey.

    I would also agree that most outdoor photos have a washed look to them, which is unfortunate. I find that a neutral density filter works best for me (I have a Canon G4). People should experiment. With digital cameras, there's no such thing as wasting film!

    If you can get better color saturation, you can always adjust the color balance via software. It's not always possible to get it right the first time. Kudos to Derrick for discussing some of the features that are available on these cameras.
  • Derrick Story photo i dunno..
    2003-03-26 14:51:42  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Interesting. Those have been the most popular tips. Many people have contacted me directly to comment how the "cloudy" setting has changed their outdoor shooting for the better. You might want to consider a new camera... :)
    • i dunno..
      2003-04-22 04:59:46  anonymous2 [View]

      Instead of using tricks like that, why not learn proper exposure technique to prevent overexposure like that :)
    • i dunno..
      2003-03-26 15:47:35  anonymous2 [View]

      i'd agree with that first 'anonymous' guy.
      the second image is way too pink... look at the painted sign on the building, i'm sure it should have a pretty neutral white background. The first image looks much more natural.

      then again, maybe it's just my monitor?
      • i dunno..
        2003-03-28 09:35:37  anonymous2 [View]

        I like this article and got some good ideas. These are "tips". You use the ones you like and forget about the others. The fun is in learning what works for you.