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  Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac
Subject:   Log into OS X from Win 95
Date:   2003-03-26 06:53:17
From:   anonymous2
This article was really great! I'm trying to log into my OS X machine from a Windows 95 laptop. I keep being asked for a password and I keep putting in the password, but it keeps telling me that it's the wrong pass word. Before you ask, yes I checked caps lock and case. Is there a particular reason that my password isn't working? Any suggestions?
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  • Log into OS X from Win 95
    2003-03-31 15:05:42  anonymous2 [View]

    I spent half a day figuring this one out.
    When Windows9x or Me attempt to connect to anything outside, they do not allow the user to specify "username" on the remote system. (Me does not allow the user to specify password either). For example, if you're trying to connect from Windows 9x/Me to Mac and your Windows account is named "default", then your user account on the Mac must be named "default". If your windows account is called "MyName", the Mac account must be called "MyName". Again, for Me (at least), the password must also be the same between the Windows and Mac accounts.
    BTW, I don't know much about Windows, but I finally found the solution at annoyances.org, a great site for troubleshooting Windows problems. (With oreilly links)
    • Log into OS X from Win 95
      2003-09-07 15:12:48  anonymous2 [View]

      Can you please elaborate on what needs to be the same, where to put the info on the mac and where to put the info on the windows ME machine. Sorry if this sounds stupid but i just don't get it. I have been trying for days to connect the two machines and I can see the mac in the network neighborhood but when I click on the icon I get the "enter network password" box. Thanks for your help
      • Log into OS X from Win 95
        2003-10-16 00:40:43  anonymous2 [View]

        if an user logs into a window9x machine with username 'ABC', then you must create an user named 'ABC' in the accounts preferences of your mac
        • Log into OS X from Win 95
          2003-10-24 16:57:03  ctrebor [View]

          I have tried everything I can think of but I can't get this to work. Running Win 98se. Mac running 10.2.8. I can see the Mac in the Network Neighbourhood and I can get an @Enter Network Password@ dialogue box for my machine with \IPC$ after it. None of my passwords work.
          • Log into OS X from Win 95
            2003-10-24 17:12:29  anonymous2 [View]

            RE: Last message. Just got access to my home directory at last from 98se. Didn't even need to type in a password. Simply logged on to Windows with my SHORT username and the usual Password- i.e. somewhat different to my OSX logon where I use my FULL name. I took your hint about checking the username. When I double clicked my share it just worked. And fast too. I hate windows! All the hours spent on nothing. All those adapters and protocols... Now I'm growing to hate OSX too! Anyway, I can put it behind me now- I hope... Note, I'm typing this from Windows accessing the shared net connection through OSX. That at least worked practically first time... I'm planning to write an idiot's guide to how to do this, as there doesn't seem to be such a guide anywhere on the net! You know- first set up the PC etc. with how to configure TCP/IP settings etc.