Egoboo: The Cute Way to Dungeon Role Play
Subject:   Egoboo
Date:   2003-03-24 01:09:19
From:   anonymous2
I haven't played it, as to be honest I never heard of it, but looking at the graphics, it looks pretty cool, think the first thing I'll do tonight is download it and give it a whirl...
There are a lot of opensource rpg out there, no matter how good them seem, they all generally feel clumky in terms of graphics quality, but this look pretty nice..

btw the images on the main page fails to display and yo get a forbidden when viewing them (Or it could be me!)

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  • Egoboo
    2003-03-29 17:42:34  anonymous2 [View]

    I've had it for a while, there's a Debian package for it, so it's easy to install. I had to play it for an hour or two before I finally got a hang of the controls. On my machine, the controls are a little jerky, though.

    Egoboo is a really fun game and the graphics are awesome. I'm not a very good gamer, so for me, the game is REALLY HARD. It seems like I am seriously outnumbered. It would probably be easier if we could have a network game and make teams to fight against the bad guys.

    Good work, Egoboo crew! Thanks for the awesome game.