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Subject:   Pb with jmeter and dynamic web page
Date:   2003-03-20 05:55:04
From:   gant
I work with apache and tomcat and i would like to test performance of my site.
Pages tested are jsp pages and it seems that jmeter don't request all containt of my pages.
What should i configure to suuceed in testing?
Thank you
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  • Pb with jmeter and dynamic web page
    2003-05-30 14:45:32  anonymous2 [View]

    I have a similar issue. Is the length of the request limited?
    • Pb with jmeter and dynamic web page
      2006-11-06 20:24:43  PerformanceTesting [View]


      From your post I understood that " you can't able to retrieve all the embedded links from the page. i.e jpg,gif and other links rite."

      For this you need to check the “Retrieve All Embedded Resources from Html tasks” which is present in of Http Request “optional Tasks”.