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  Programmatically Signing JAR Files
Subject:   Programmatically Verifying JAR Files
Date:   2003-03-18 08:27:33
From:   anonymous2
Does anybody have implemented this functionality ?
I am interested in any kind of help (algorithm, source code etc...) to achieve the verify function.
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  • Programmatically Verifying JAR Files
    2003-05-12 04:49:01  atar_arad [View]

    You can use Class java.util.jar.JarFile. First instantiate it with file name and a boolean set to true shows that it must verify the signature. Now you must read every jarEntry contains in jar file. It throws a securityException when signature fails.
    I have also written a code that in addition to above do a verification on the certificate contains in the jar file.
    Behrooz Shahin