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  Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Continuing Sendmail problem after security update
Date:   2003-03-17 15:31:02
From:   edillon
My Sendmail keeps resisting all attempts to restore it after the 3/3/03 security update. I generated the missing clientmqueue file that was causing an error (thanks to 'macmartin'!) and have installed "-Am" into the Sendmail script per 'jzsimon'; also tried the symbolic link trick earlier, but backed it out.
Now I consistenly get the error "SYSERR(root): hash map "access": missing map file /etc/mail/access.db: No such file or directory" and there sure isn't one there [altho, I remember seeing one a while back]. Tried just making a file with that name, but was rejected as "wrong format".
What function is supposed to create this file? It is mentioned in several places in the sendmail.cf file. How do I create one? TIA, everyone.
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  • Continuing Sendmail problem after security update
    2003-07-23 15:04:12  anonymous2 [View]

    this is a map database.
    normally, you'd put the stuff that you want the db to contain in a file called access, and then use makemap to
    create access.db using access as input.

    check out "man makemap" and also sendmail.org help
    pages. --bressen
  • re:Continuing Sendmail problem after security update
    2003-03-24 03:13:11  macmartin [View]

    I have expierienced a problem with sendmail which I could fix as follows.
    Maybe this could also cause you problems.

    <font size=+1>I deleted all queued messages in the

    If there are too many mails queued, this keeps sendmail from delivering mail.
    Dont ask me why!

    I myself got a problem, too.
    Can not send email to external adresses (for example to the email adress i got fom my ISP
    no matter what i try

    What steps do i have to do, only to set this up correctly?
    Where can I find a tutorial?