Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Installation is medieval
Date:   2003-03-15 03:25:13
From:   anonymous2
Only serious mind twisted geeks will bother to go trough the process of installing Gentoo.

For ports/portage we already had BSD (and installation is MUCH more smoother).

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  • Installation is medieval
    2003-06-12 17:15:51  anonymous2 [View]

    Have you actually *tried* installing Gentoo 1.4? I did and everything worked like a champ. The install was *slow* because I chose to start from stage 1 (compile everything from scratch) instead of stage 2 (basic pre-compiled system) or stage 3 (stage 2 + precompile desktop), but there was absolutely nothing in Gentoo that wasn't "smooth". Also, the Gentoo portage tree is much better than the ones available from the BSD distros.
  • network installation
    2003-04-26 17:51:03  hivegod [View]

    I have a gateway solo5300 laptop with no cdrom, but good internet access. Is it posible to do an installation from packages visible over the internet or off my hard drive?

    Also have email