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  From Exile to X11: A Journey Through Time
Subject:   MacOS 9 Had X Servers
Date:   2003-03-14 19:59:45
From:   anonymous2
Um, I don't understand the point of this article. The mac has had X servers for years from white pine, tenon, etc that ran on OS 9.
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  • MacOS 9 Had X Servers
    2003-03-15 06:09:50  bbum [View]

    But OS 9 did not have any of the features of a modern Unix server and, hence, the X environment on OS 9 was crippled. While the X servers on OS 9 could do a wonderful job of displaying remote X sessions, they could not easily take direct advantage of many of the X based applications; you couldn't run many of hte X based apps directly on the OS 9 platform without there having been a difficult porting effort.

    End result; the OS 9 based X platform lagged behind the rest of the X community. This is not true of the OS X X environment.