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  ASP.NET Data Controls Part 3: DataList
Subject:   thank you for the tricks!
Date:   2003-03-12 05:25:13
From:   mehmetaliorhan
I have found my way of programming while reading your last article series,- simply they are alike. It makes me proud that two programmers from different time zones may come together in the way of thinking. I hope the same could occur in this World of Wars.
Please contineou the series and share with us your experience.

Mehmet Ali Orhan
Software Engineer

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  • DataList Control in ASP.NET
    2006-06-11 18:17:55  LeProgrammeur [View]

    Great article!
    I also posted a tutorial at www.KYNOU.com about DataList control in asp.net
    Go to www.KYNOU.com and search for: DataList Control
    There is also a chat room where I try to spend a lot of time answering questions. Stop by if you want.