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  Apple Releases Java 1.4.1 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Java3D?
Date:   2003-03-11 09:54:12
From:   invalidname
Response to: Java3D?

No need for a flame war, because you're apparently unaware that Java3D is basically just an abstraction layer for calls to OpenGL or DirectX. The application doesn't use Java2D or such for rendering - it's going to the hardware for rendering. Result: it's plenty fast.

The fact that there isn't a slow all-Java fallback option (like, say, in the Java Media Framework) is why the original poster was asking about Java3D - any Java3D implementation *requires* native code to tie into OpenGL or DirectX on that platform, and there isn't a version for Mac OS X yet.

This comes up on Apple's java-dev list a lot.

-Chris (invalidname)

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  • Java3D?
    2003-03-13 09:13:53  anonymous2 [View]

    Why java3D?
    We are developing scientific software in java and we need a 3d plot package. The choice of the project is visad that needs java3d.

    If this won't be available for Macs our Apple computers will be out of the game and be replaced by wintel or linux boxes.
    Who wants that????

    If Apple decides to support java, it would be necessary to support all of java. Otherwise macs are no platform for java programs because not all programs run on the mac.