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  Getting Dreamweaver MX Up to Speed with PHP
Subject:   don't bother if you use Mac OS!
Date:   2003-03-10 13:22:16
From:   anonymous2
Dreamweaver MX is terribly broken with complex server behaviors--even the ones designed by Macromedia. You simply cannot do a web application in PHP with Dreamweaver MX on Mac. You'll run into out of memory errors caused by their bad JavaScript interpreter and DWMX will crash even more than it usually does!
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  • don't bother if you use Mac OS!
    2003-08-24 17:28:01  anonymous2 [View]

    I was just reading the README for Mac users from the Phakt download pages and they have developed a DW extension to fix this very problem. Only good for DWMX 6.1
    • don't bother if you use Mac OS!
      2003-08-24 17:33:05  anonymous2 [View]

      Here's the link:


      I hated those freakin' out of memory errors too!