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  Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
Date:   2003-03-06 15:13:59
From:   jzsimon
Response to: Security update 2003-03-03 problems

I got this from gregwelch via MacFixit, and it worked beautifully:

So I don't know if this will fix your problem, but I discovered that apparently there is some confusion (so I read) in the Apple build of sendmail, about whether it should be looking at /etc/mail/sendmail.cf or /etc/mail/submit.cf. It might actually look at both.

So I simply did...

sudo mv /etc/mail/submit.cf /etc/mail/submit.cf.old
sudo ln -s /etc/mail/sendmail.cf /etc/mail/submit.cf

I restarted sendmail and viola, it all works again.

Good luck! Use at yoru own risk, be careful, etc.


I did this, killed both sendmail processes, executed:
sudo SystemStarter start SMTP
to properly restart sendmail and everything is wonderful again.

Thanks again greg

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  • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-09-09 15:56:30  anonymous2 [View]

    If you have a "client"-type machine, and just want to send all locally generated mail to your local mail hub, this might work better:

    Edit /etc/mail/submit.cf, and find the comment about "Smart" relay hosts

    Replace the line following it (normally "DS") with the two lines

    where 'mailhost.example.com' is the name of your mail host.

    • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
      2003-12-07 04:14:04  anonymous2 [View]

      For those wishing to stick to the "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Only edit the source .mc file." message :-) then the equivalent definitions for config.mc are:


      I used "localhost" for my domain and it worked fine the first time; I have yet to reboot to check it's permanent!

  • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-06-10 14:09:10  anonymous2 [View]

    PERFECTLY !!! This works!! Thanks!!
  • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-04-09 01:11:15  anonymous2 [View]


    I was also having the problem with "Connection refused by localhost" and this fixed it.