Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Security update 2003-03-03 problems
Date:   2003-03-06 10:20:58
From:   jzsimon
Anyone else having problems with sendmail after having it patched with Security update 2003-03-03?

I can't get local mail to get sent locally. That is, before the update, my crontab jobs would mail their results to root@localhost, which would forward it to the unix mail account of a user (me), which I would then pick up via IMAP running locally.

Now, the mail doesn't stay local. It either gets sent out to a mail server on my local net (if my computer has a hostnam that can be extended into a valid domain), or I get an error message (delivered locally!) that the sending domain isn't valid so the mail won't be sent.

Embarrasingly, this was discovered by the SysAdmin of my local network, who was receiving my mail sent to his root instead of mine. :(

Any suggestions how to keep the mail local?

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  • James Duncan Davidson photo Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-03-12 15:22:40  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I hate to say this, but I haven't seen any problems with my setup after the 03/03/03 update. Mail in and out of my 6 domains has been just fine.
  • Fixed Better?: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-03-07 12:46:53  jzsimon [View]

    This also worked for me and appears to be a "cleaner" fix. It is courtesy of RonLP via MacFixit:
    The updated sendmail also appears to ignore the /locations entries in NetInfo. If you must have a custom, which we must, then you needed to set the /locations/sendmail/ property to the path. This worked fine before the 10.2.4 update and security release with the following NetInfo entry. It no longer works and you must use the sendmail command with a -Am flag to force it to read and /etc/mail/ file when sending.
    So what did was
    1) undo the fix suggested above
    2) kill both running sendmail processes
    3) backup /System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/Sendmail
    4) edit the same file to put a "-Am" in the first line calling sendmail
    5) restart sendmail with "sudo SystemStarter -v start SMTP"
  • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
    2003-03-06 15:13:59  jzsimon [View]

    I got this from gregwelch via MacFixit, and it worked beautifully:

    So I don't know if this will fix your problem, but I discovered that apparently there is some confusion (so I read) in the Apple build of sendmail, about whether it should be looking at /etc/mail/ or /etc/mail/ It might actually look at both.

    So I simply did...

    sudo mv /etc/mail/ /etc/mail/
    sudo ln -s /etc/mail/ /etc/mail/

    I restarted sendmail and viola, it all works again.

    Good luck! Use at yoru own risk, be careful, etc.


    I did this, killed both sendmail processes, executed:
    sudo SystemStarter start SMTP
    to properly restart sendmail and everything is wonderful again.

    Thanks again greg
    • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
      2003-09-09 15:56:30  anonymous2 [View]

      If you have a "client"-type machine, and just want to send all locally generated mail to your local mail hub, this might work better:

      Edit /etc/mail/, and find the comment about "Smart" relay hosts

      Replace the line following it (normally "DS") with the two lines

      where '' is the name of your mail host.

      • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
        2003-12-07 04:14:04  anonymous2 [View]

        For those wishing to stick to the "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Only edit the source .mc file." message :-) then the equivalent definitions for are:


        I used "localhost" for my domain and it worked fine the first time; I have yet to reboot to check it's permanent!

    • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
      2003-06-10 14:09:10  anonymous2 [View]

      PERFECTLY !!! This works!! Thanks!!
    • Fixed: Security update 2003-03-03 problems
      2003-04-09 01:11:15  anonymous2 [View]


      I was also having the problem with "Connection refused by localhost" and this fixed it.