What's New in Visual C++ .NET 2003
Subject:   RE: how do I make the damn thing work?!
Date:   2003-03-05 04:34:33
From:   anonymous2
Firstly saying it doesn't work doesn't help anyone to help you. To become a good programmer you need to be good at phrasing questions as well as knowing answers.

What happens exactly? what are you doing? Which version are you referring to? Which code fragment are you trying to compile? Obviously bearing in mind this article talks about the new version of C++ .NET so you need to be specific about which .NET version you are running. Is it a beta? The new release? The old version 2002? These may not be relevant to your particular question but never leave anything out when asking for help. The more detail you can give the more accurate the answers are likely to me. Hope this helps.


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  • RE: how do I make the damn thing work?!
    2003-05-07 16:46:22  anonymous2 [View]

    SerilizeElemets will not compile in the VC.Net 2003 version. It worked fine in .Net 2002.

    const CIntArray& C2DIntArray::ElementAtConstRef(int nIndex) const

    give this error

    'SerializeElements' : illegal use of explicit template arguments
  • RE: how do I make the damn thing work?!
    2003-03-07 13:13:55  samgentile [View]

    Also, this is not a general help forum with C++ and homework questions. This is a place to comment *specifically* on the particular article. There are many good C++ Usenet groups to get that kind of help but as the previous person said you will have to do a lot more to describe the problem there....