EJB Free and Open Source Tools Summary
Subject:   Corrections
Date:   2003-03-03 07:30:32
From:   anonymous2
1. The HTTP container shipped by default with JBoss is called Jetty (not JBossWeb). It is great standalone pure java HTTP server and servlet container available at Jetty is great alternative to Tomcat.
2. Jonas is also available packaged with Jetty HTTP server downloadable again from This is single easy to use package. Download, unzip and run and you get full integrated server including web-based graphical administration console called JAdmin. The console is installed, deployed and available automatically in the JettyJonas package.
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  • Re: Corrections
    2003-03-03 10:17:11  emmanuelproulx [View]

    Forgive my mistake. I see now that JBoss is packaged with Jetty.

    I got confused because on the Web server I saw two downloads: "JBossWeb" and "Tomcat". I didn't try the first, I just assumed this citation was correct.
    Look at:

    Again, this article lists products but does not go deeply enough into each product.