An Introduction to Extreme Programming
Subject:   XP=eXpress Prototype ?
Date:   2003-02-27 14:18:56
From:   anonymous2
From what I read, the main idea is to deploy a Prototype to production as quickly as possible. And let the user hit the bomb as early as possible, as often as possible. Been there done that. But we call it 'quick and dirty', 10 years ago, which interrupted our Director and Manager's career. It may work for certain projects in certain shops. I seriously doubt it will be accepted in many places, perhaps until it is renamed to 'eXpress Prototype' :-).
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  • XP=eXpress Prototype ?
    2003-05-15 07:33:42  anonymous2 [View]

    It is obvious from your reply that you may be one of those people who have opinions on everything.

    ie. "I'm not familiar with that technology but I if my estimates are correct you might need to call function X to invoke output Y..."

    XP is about evolutionary development. While prototype deployment is really fast coding to implement a feature, XP has certain techniques that allows for programmers to extend and refactor earlier code (the author was not clear on these).

    Plus little bits of chaos injects fun into the workplace. :)