Using Tomcat 4 Security Realms
Subject:   Embedded Tomcat 4.0 and Realms
Date:   2003-02-25 10:57:54
From:   anonymous2
The artilcle was simple and clear to understand. But i would like to to cover some more things like Embedded tomcat and realm configuration. As we cannot user server.xml in embedded tomcat how can we specify the realm configuration.
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  • Embedded Tomcat 4.0 and Realms
    2003-08-07 06:19:13  anonymous2 [View]

    You can use fragment xml files for adding stuff without changing server.xml. See
  • Embedded Tomcat 4.0 and Realms
    2003-04-10 02:27:10  anonymous2 [View]

    you can't I think!