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  One-Time Passwords
Subject:   What's the point?
Date:   2003-02-23 18:01:06
From:   anonymous2
What's the point? People can still calculate your one time password if they know your passphrase, or login with your reusable password, this only gives people more acceptable passwords to be able to login to your system as. This is not making your machine MORE secure, but LESS secure by giving people more oppurtunities to login under your username.

I see no real use for something like this. Are you that incapable of remembering to change your password on a regular basis? And is having a list of passwords written down on a piece of paper in your wallet really that secure? It's easier to pick a pocket than hack a password.

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  • What's the point? (Response)
    2003-11-11 16:11:39  anonymous2 [View]

    Hi, you do not understand how these work, re-read how it works and then you will see that it is indeed more secure.