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Weblog:   The Human Face of Microsoft
Subject:   leverage the indestructible
Date:   2003-02-16 11:45:18
From:   mentata
Response to: What is Stutz really saying..

I think he is unequivocally saying that open source is not going to be destroyed by any means. His point is that Microsoft is not making the transition, and until they change their strategy they will miss the opportunities.
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  • leverage the indestructible
    2003-02-16 14:53:49  anonymous2 [View]

    These are several quotes from his article that cause me to question his real thoughts and intent.

    "disgruntled Microsoft wannabes have poured huge quantities of often inferior, but nonetheless requirements-driven, open source software."

    Open Source developers are NOT "Microsoft wannabes". We have seen and experiences first hand the terrible distruction of the Microsoft model on the rest of the development world. And we most certainly do not wish to duplicate it.

    "accelerate the divergence of the open source platform, and have other undesirable results."

    The growth and divergance of the open source plateform is an 'undesirable result' to whom?

    "Microsoft must survive and prosper by learning from the open source software movement and by borrowing from and improving its techniques."

    This is a clear statement of the embrace and exstinguish tactic. The methods of open source and Free Software, collectively known and Libre' Software, are NOT just another form of software engineering. They were evolved out of necessity because of their natural immunity to the financial and legalistic attacks used by Microsoft to destroy any sign of potential competition way before it could ever get to the 'market place'.

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