Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   m4: /usr/share/sendmail/conf/m4/cf.m4: No such file or directory
Date:   2003-02-14 06:26:19
From:   anonymous2
I keep getting this error. Looks like I'm missing the cf.m4 file. I reinstalled the developer tools and selected the BSD component, still getting the same error. Any ideas?

Is it possible to compile the file using any other utilities?

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  • m4: /usr/share/sendmail/conf/m4/cf.m4: No such file or directory
    2003-04-11 16:47:27  douglasgb [View]

    I tried to install just the BSD portion of the Dev Tools, but you need more than that. You can try custom installing one piece at a time until you get m4, but I just installed the whole thing.