X11 and OpenOffice on Mac OS X
Subject:   problem
Date:   2003-02-08 09:43:03
From:   anonymous2
Although OpenOffice works perfectly and it seems to be no problem with X11, every time I launch X11, I never get that window that looks like a Terminal window, even if I choose Terminal in the Application menu. Does anybody have an idea?
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  • problem
    2003-04-25 01:34:46  rajivmishra [View]

    I have 6 computers running on window 2000 and one has window 2000 Server.3 Systems are working correctly and are on LAN giving both incoming and Outgoing packets.3 other computers are also on LAN but only Internet is working but there is no LAN connectivity.These computers are on WORKGROUP and there is No domain.These three are also not detecting Each other and whenever tried Showing Response OF "WORKGROUP Not Accessible".There LAN Drivers are working Correctly but Problem still persist.
    Tell Me the reason and How I solve these.
    • problem LAN workgroup access
      2003-12-16 22:24:11  anonymous2 [View]

      Hi, i got the same problem. After closing the task of openoffice systray the workstation and its file- and printershares were accessable. Now I'm still working with OO but w/o using the quickstart in the systray.
  • problem
    2003-02-09 05:37:02  anonymous2 [View]

    There's no particular reason you need to get an xterm, if you're satisfied with the Mac native "Terminal" program. In fact, things like cut-and-paste using command-c and command-v don't work in xterm, so it can be kind of frustrating.

    Still, if you really need to run an xterm, you can launch one from a regular terminal window. Just type in 'xterm'. If you get a "Command not found" error, type in '/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm'

    If you get an error like "xterm Xt error: Can't open display: " then type in something like this "setenv DISPLAY localhost:0" and then enter the xterm command again.

    PS you can copy/paste in X11 by selecting the block you want to copy and then option-clicking. The selected text wil be pasted where the cursor is. Actually, I just experimented and option-click in X11 will paste the clipboard cut or copied from native apps like Terminal and Safari. I don't know how you can put something in X11 on the clipboard to export to native apps though.