Introduction to Jakarta Struts Framework
Subject:   Picture says a thousand words
Date:   2003-02-03 11:59:48
From:   anonymous2
I would very much appreciate a diagram showing the control flow and mappings of the Struts system. It is very confusing to follow what controls what and what maps what to where.

Anyone up for this?

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  • Sue Spielman photo Picture says a thousand words
    2003-02-03 12:08:01  Sue Spielman | [View]

    There is a complete Struts 1.1 UML diagram included in the Appendix of my book, 'The Struts Framework: Practical Guide for Java Programmers'. I think this is what you're looking for. There are also various flavors on component diagrams floating around if you search on the Struts-users mailing list. HTH