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  Object-Relational Mapping with Apache Jakarta OJB
Subject:   free JDO-implementation
Date:   2003-02-03 04:41:10
From:   anonymous2
<quote>Unfortunately, there is no complete, free implementation of JDO today</quote>
I don't think that's correct: TJDO has an Apache license, so it's free. Some collections are not implemented yet but it seems to me a production-ready JDO implementation for a lot of uses.
They are in the process of extending TJDO to more databases than just Oracle and making sure it can be plugged into an applicationserver.
Go check it out: http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/tjdo
Btw: I'm not associated to TJDO. Just enthousiastic about JDO/TJDO.


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  • free JDO-implementation
    2003-10-08 12:46:53  anonymous2 [View]

    There is one today: it's JCredo. The Standard Edition version 1.0 was just released. It is actually free for anyone who downloads until December 31 and includes free code sample of a full web application. You can test it on www.jcredo.com
  • free JDO-implementation
    2003-07-21 06:22:08  anonymous2 [View]

    just wanted to let you know that a new free JDO implementation has been launched today on jcredo.com and is available for testing.
    Would be interested to have your feedbak on it.
    • free JDO-implementation
      2003-10-06 23:46:46  anonymous2 [View]

      Yes, JCredo is free and I use it in my project. So far I did not find any single problem.

      JDO rocks!
  • free JDO-implementation
    2003-05-14 08:27:56  anonymous2 [View]

    TJDO is free, but it uses Sun's ref implementation, and that is only for research use, or so it seems

    • free JDO-implementation
      2005-02-02 13:38:10  CitruSoft [View]

      Don't forget about the original, http://www.castor.org