Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4
Subject:   Misleading code
Date:   2003-02-02 03:02:42
From:   anonymous2
Your article is quite good and it's a very good starting point for people beginning using tomcat/ant and generally speaking servlet/jsp, but the code within is misleading (at least it were for me) cause it can introduce some error with multi-threaded concept.
For ex. the way you handle connection is quite odd as you can see testing it against JMeter for example. You can quick get ConcurrentModificationException as soon as more threads hits home.jsp page.
I would like to suggest you a second article where to explain more these kind of stuff.


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  • Misleading code
    2003-02-03 15:45:12  anonymous2 [View]

    You are right that this subject could be extended [ in many different directions ]

    However, the article was too long already. Perhaps it should have been two articles to start with.

    Thanks for the comments.