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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   One last Q (I hope:))
Date:   2003-01-31 16:54:14
From:   dicklacara
Response to: One last Q (I hope:))

Are you talking about HTML (a href) links?

Are you talking about URLs used in CF tags?

Give me some examples?


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  • One last Q (I hope:))
    2003-01-31 19:48:54  brianimator [View]

    this is a portion of my site's structure, and where it currently sits:

    -- servers
    ---- admin
    ---- default
    ---- lib
    ---- samples
    ---- seawidgets - (the server I created)
    -------- CFIDE
    -------- cfusion
    ---------------- seattle_widgets
    ------------------------ _common_elements
    ------------------------ departments
    ------------------------ education
    ----------------------------- index.html
    ----------------------------- tech_tips
    ----------------------------- healthline
    ----------------------------- patient_bios
    ------------------------ home
    ----------------------------- home_random
    ----------------------------------- home1.html
    ----------------------------------- home2.html
    ----------------------------------- home3.html
    ------------------------ index.cfm - (a re-direct that points to home/home_random/home1.html)
    ------------------------ news
    ------------------------ products
    ------------------------------ widgets_1
    ------------------------------------ index.cfm
    ------------------------------------ detail.cfm
    ------------------------------ widgets_2
    ------------------------------ widgets_3
    ------------------------ tech_notes
    -------- default-ear
    -------- SERVER-INF

    So in all of the above directories, I have either an index.html or index.cfm file.

    Since I'm using essentially the same Flash navigation bar on all pages, (the only difference is their original state which highlights the current page) I've designed it so that links from it point back to the root, then down into the appropriate folder/subfolder.

    This way, the link from the Flash navigation to


    will get you to "departments" from either




    Now, in order to get things to work, I'm having to go through and change all my links pointing to the root, so that now a link that read like this:


    has to read like this:


    Other oddities:

    I'm also forced now to include "index.html" in my hrefs,
    so now a link like this:


    has to change to change to this:


    Like I said, aarrgghhh!!