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Subject:   What is given priority?
Date:   2003-01-31 15:17:36
From:   anonymous2
Ok, i am completely new to python.
Can anyone pls tell what comes first in predence when you have True,false and not !

Ur reply will be appreciated...

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  • Stephen Figgins photo What is given priority?
    2003-01-31 15:47:54  Stephen Figgins | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Boolean operations in descending order of priority are 'or', 'and', then 'not'.

    This can be found in Python's online library reference:

    True and False are values. In 2.2 they are simply integer values. Python 2.3 adds the 'bool type This alters their string representation, but they are still essentially integer values. For more information on the bool type coming in 2.3 see:

    Finally, one of the best places to ask these questions is the python-tutor list. You can join this mailing list from it's mailman page at:

    Hope that helps!

    -Stephen Figgins